4 Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture


If you have some old furniture that you need to get rid of, you have a few different options. Your budget, time constraints and quality of the furniture can help you determine which of these options will work best for you. Here are four different ways to get rid of your old furniture.

Donate to Charities

Furniture that is still in relatively good condition can be donated to a charity or someone in need. It allows them to have free furniture that they can either clean up and use as-is or refurbish to make like new. If you can't find an individual in need of the furniture, you can donate it to an organization like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. These organizations will sell it at a low price for people in need of quality furniture, and you get a tax break on the donation.

Sell It for Cash

You might be able to make a little cash from your furniture if it is in good condition. There are many different ways to sell the furniture, from posting an online advertisement to putting up flyers in your neighborhood. You can also try listing it on social media in case you have friends or family members in need of the furniture. Another option with social media is to go to your local city's page and see if they have a "for sale" section, as many of them do.

If you have multiple furniture items along with other stuff you are trying to get rid of, consider having a garage sale. Furniture is one of the first things to go during garage sales, so it is a quick way to get cash for the furniture.

Hire a Hauling Company

There are hauling companies that can pick up the furniture for you, regardless of its condition. Hiring a company specializing in furniture removal is a good option since they specialize in taking furniture from your home or place of business. You may need to pay a small fee to have them pick it up, but this is a good option if you don't have a truck for disposing of the furniture yourself and don't have time to sell it. All you need to do is make an appointment and the furniture movers will take care of the rest. You can even leave it inside your home for pick-up instead of in front of your house like is required by some charity organizations.

Refurbish the Furniture

If none of these sound like good options, you might want to consider refurbishing the furniture and keeping it at home. If you simply don't like the look of the furniture, this is a great option. Many changes can be made to furniture to make it like new. You can paint and add new knobs to a dresser, add new upholstery to a couch or spray paint wicker furniture and add new furniture pads to it. The options are endless.


29 December 2015

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