Essential Self-Storage Tips Every College Student Should Know


Once the final exams are concluded and colleges are breaking for the summer, most students pack up all their furniture, books and electronics, among other items. Since the accumulated things cannot be hauled back home, the best option would be to consider student self-storage. 

Storage units are suitable for students returning for another semester and the recent graduates and will help keep their belongings safe and organised. Here are the top tips you should know if you're searching for student storage solutions.

Pick the Right Unit Size

The first step to ensuring that your belongings are in good condition after the long holiday is to choose a unit that's large enough to accommodate them. But this doesn't mean you should go for the biggest unit because you will end up paying more for the extra space you aren't using. 

The key is to find a balance after you pick the items that will go to storage. You can always consult an expert in the storage facility if you aren't sure about the unit that will fit your items perfectly.

Select a Nearby Facility

The location of the storage facility matters. The general rule of thumb is to pick a storage unit near your school or residence. This way, you will avoid spending so much on transport when storing or retrieving the items and access the unit quickly whenever the need arises.

Rent with a Buddy

If the storage facility you pick offers excellent services, but their units are large, you can opt to share the space with a roommate or friend. This will make it easier to transport the items to and from the store and save you money. 

But before opting to share a unit with someone, you must ensure you know them well and agree on how you will share the space and expenses. You'll also need to decide on the paperwork details, like whose name will be written on the rental agreement.

Consider All the Expenses You'll Incur

Most students have to manage their school life with limited funds. Understanding how you'll use your money will assist you in avoiding inconveniences, particularly if you need to seek self-storage services. Before you choose a storage unit, consider the expenses you will incur. 

Consulting with the facility manager helps since they can explain all the potential costs in advance, such as the basic storage cost, late payment fee, padlock rental fee, 24/7 access fee and moving costs. The information you get will assist you to plan properly.


28 January 2022

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