Cool Room Repairs: Top Issues You Might Experience With Your Cool Room


If you are about to start a food business, it's worth your while to consider cool room installation. A cold room offers enough storage for bulk foods, thus preventing food loss and waste. But, similar to other commercial equipment, cold rooms can develop issues with time. You ought to pay attention to your equipment and seek professional assistance when you notice a problem. Here are some of the issues that may necessitate cool room repairs.

Food Going Bad

Spoilage of food in the cold room is not a good sign. In some instances, the products may have already been rotten before getting stored. You can avoid this encounter by scrutinising all products before storing them in the cold room. 

The spoilage can also result from the uneven temperatures in the equipment. Usually, products on the top shelves will start rotting faster than those on the lower shelves. That's due to the rising warm air, which facilitates rotting.

You may also experience fluctuating temperatures as a result of overstocking the refrigerator. Storing the recommended volume of products in the equipment can resolve this issue. In other circumstances, the fluctuating temperatures can result from poor installation of the thermostat or faulty evaporation coils. In this case, you might want to schedule cool room repairs to have the components examined and repaired. 

Condensation on the Walls

When you notice signs of water droplets on the surfaces in the cold room, take that as a red flag. Condensation occurs when the internal surfaces are cooler than the air getting in. The first measure your repair technician might take is adding insulation to the surfaces to warm them up. They can further use air tubes and fans to generate more air into the room or add rubber seals to prevent air from getting inside.

Mould Growth on the Room's Surfaces

Damp areas are suitable for mould growth, and cold rooms are no exception. In cold rooms, mould grows due to high dampness levels and fluctuating temperatures. You can control this condition by facilitating adequate airflow and managing condensation in your cold room. Note that mould can reoccur, and hence the need to keep the room dry and disinfected.

Your cold room can be a great resource when you take good care of it. As long as the rooms' functionality is on point, you'll not experience food spoilage, and clients will choose you over your competitors. Working with experienced cool room repairs and maintenance experts is the best way to ensure proper functionality. That's because these specialists have the right skills to identify issues and fix them within a short period. That way, your products remain fresh, thus minimising losses. 


13 May 2021

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