Putting Your Excess Books into Storage: How to Keep Them Nice and Safe


True bookworms can face a certain problem. Once your shelves are full, you probably begin to place your books on other convenient surfaces. Tables and cabinets are pressed into service and quickly become covered in books. Perhaps you even have a number of perilously tall stacks of books leaning against a wall. There's a true pleasure in being surrounded by your beloved books, but this is not always a practical way to live. Putting some of your books into a self storage unit can ease the burden on your home, and the only difficult decision is working out which books get to stay with you! There's a trick to storing books safely and there are a few things you need to know.

Locating and Preparing the Storage Unit

Choose a storage unit with a slightly elevated wooden floor. This keeps your books off the ground and away from any dampness. If you cannot locate such a unit, you will need to find a number of old tables to place the books upon when they're inside the storage area. It doesn't matter what the tables look like, just so long as they're sturdy. Check out garage sales, junk shops, and online classifieds.

The Boxes

The books should be stored inside cardboard boxes. Be wary about getting boxes from a supermarket, as these boxes might have been used to store food. However microscopic, some food particles might remain, and this can attract insects and rodents. Any boxes used should have their seams reinforced with strong gaffer tape because they will be carrying a rather heavy load.

Keep a Record

Number each box, and make a database of which books are stored in which box. This makes it easier to locate an individual book if you should need to at a later stage. Do not overload the boxes, as this will make it too difficult to transport them. Ensure that the books are not squashed in together so that they do not become damaged while in storage. Seal the boxes with gaffer tape.

Stacking and Protecting

Stack the boxes inside the storage unit, ensuring that the stacks are not too high. It's unlikely that these stacks will be knocked over, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Place the heaviest boxes on the bottom of the stack. You might want to place a large dust cover over the boxes; the large plastic tarpaulins used to protect furniture while painting are ideal for this purpose.

With a small amount of preparation, you will ensure that your books will be perfectly safe. You might want to put a comfortable chair inside the storage unit too, just in case you want to visit them and read them.


30 December 2015

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