Tips to make Full Use of your Storage Shed Space


As a big outdoor space dedicated to all things you need but have no space in the main house for, many storage sheds grow to resemble bomb sites: everything is sitting on everything and nothing can be found. If you want more for your shed, however, use your spring cleaning day this year to delve headfirst into the rubble and create a space you'll be proud to call your own. 

Start from scratch 

The first step is to empty out the whole shed space and use those surfaces for storage. Look at the space created so you have a good idea of what you're working with. This can help you designate areas for certain stuff/activities, depending on the size of the space and how you want to use it. 

Vertical and ceiling space: gems you don't know you have

This is especially important if you're clearing up space for some activity, such as a workbench or pool table. The space on your walls and ceiling can be very useful storage, particularly for things like farm tools. Wooden sheds are easily engineered by hammering hooks onto the wall. Decide beforehand which implements will be stored where in order to make maximum use of the space. Get as much as you can off the floor, installing heavy duty hooks for the heavier implements. Consider installing a line or two of closed cabinets (open cabinets are an invitation to cluttering) and label each shelf so you can find things easier in future. 

Cutting the clutter: making hard choices

For all items, ask yourself the hard questions: clearing clutter can be difficult, but is ultimately very rewarding. Do you need it? Can someone else use it? Here's a guide: if you haven't used it in the last year, you don't need it. Organize a yard sale to make some money off your clutter, and be ruthless about throwing out junk. Be picky about the stuff you want to store for sentimental reasons; e.g., allow x items per family member. 

Like things go together

Place the most frequently used items closest to the door, and on the lowest shelves, working your way up. Install labels for different items like sports gear, cleaning equipment, and farm tools among others, and make sure everyone knows where these sections are. Labels and easily accessible storage encourages people to follow your order of storage, and will keep the shed neat for longer. 

Extra-large items

Extra-large items are the bane of any shed planner's existence, especially if space must be left for other activities. For items like barbeque grills, lawn mowers and bicycles, creative thinking is necessary. Install ceiling hooks strong enough to hold bicycles, and have zones dedicated for the large items. If you cannot store everything in one shed, consider building a small extension on one side to create extra space and allow room for other activities in the larger storage shed


25 January 2016

Critical Storage and Organization Tactics You Need

Storing stuff is an art. You need to understand the value of purging so you don't waste money storing things you don't actually need, but you also have to have a keen eye for future value so you don't get rid of something that could be useful later. In addition, you need to know the best storage and care tactics for your possessions. Hi, my name is Mary, and as a world traveller, I have had to put my stuff in storage many times, more times that I can count as a matter of fact. I'm at home now, and to stay active, I decided to start this blog to help other travellers or really anyone who needs to use storage. Thanks for reading.