The Four Rules of Storing Your Comic Books


If you have some comic books that are going into storage, there are certain things you need to do to keep them protected and in good condition. If you fail to keep out moisture and air, or pests get a hold of them, they could be ruined and no longer be valuable. Here are some important rules to follow when storing comic books.

Support the Books During Storage

One of the most important things to do when storing comic books is to provide each book with an adequate amount of support. Try not to just stack the comic books haphazardly in a box. When you go to retrieve them, you will not be happy with the condition they are in. If possible, get a separate backing board for each comic book. This allows the book to remain flat while in its plastic sleeve. Each comic book should also be placed in a plastic sleeve that fits that book perfectly. This helps to protect the cover and pages, preventing fingerprint marks and yellowing of the pages. You can get these important packing items at any comic book store.

Use the Right Types of Boxes

You should also be careful what boxes the comic books are placed in. First make sure the box allows you to put the comic books inside without having to place them sideways or bending the comics. Next, try to avoid using cardboard boxes. While cardboard is inexpensive and easy to come by, it puts the books at risk since the cardboard doesn't provide much protection. If you are storing them in an outdoor shed and there is a heavy rain, the water could get into the shed and start ruining the boxes, which then causes damage to the books. A better container is a plastic storage bin with an airtight lid.

Avoid Moisture and Pests

Work hard to avoid moisture and pests, which are two things that often plague comic books. With an outdoor storage shed, you should make sure the boxes with the books are never stored directly on the ground, as this puts them at risk of pest infestation and water leakage into the box. If they are going into a self-storage unit, a climate-controlled unit is your best bet. Avoid units on the ground level, as there is also a risk of water and pests.

Choose a Secure Location

With highly valuable comic books, keep them in a secure location. Many people prefer to keep them at home in a garage or storage shed that is locked tightly. Others like the excellent security systems and video monitoring provided at storage units. Regardless of your option, make sure it is secure and that you check on the books often to ensure they are still there and no damage has been done.


27 January 2016

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