Is It Safe to Store Artwork in Self Storage?


If you own paintings or pictures that are of value to you, either because they are worth money or have a sentimental value, you may be worried about putting them in a self storage unit. Typically, this shouldn't be a problem; however, you should investigate your options carefully first and prepare your artwork before storing it to minimise the chances of damage.

Look For Climate Control

If you're storing artwork, it's important to choose a self storage company that has climate control in its units. Temperatures that are too high or too low may damage your art; sudden drops or peaks in temperatures are also usually not a good thing.

According to RSM Art Conservation, it's important to keep temperatures at a relatively stable level when you're storing artwork, ideally at a range of between 18-20ºC. Humidity levels are also important, helping protect your artwork from issues such as mould. RSM recommends a relative humidity range of between 45-55%.

Tip: Self storage companies don't usually offer insurance as part of your rental costs, even if it is climate controlled. If you're going to be storing valuable items, you need to arrange your own insurance coverage.

Store the Art Correctly

Finding a suitable facility is just the first step in storing your artwork safely. You also need to put some thought into how you store it in your unit to make sure it survives its stay in one piece and in the best condition.

Tip: Framed pictures and paintings get some automatic protection from their frames. If you want to store unframed artwork, consider mounting it on card to keep it flat before covering it with an acid-free paper or art-friendly sheet of plastic. Don't wrap an unmounted picture directly in bubble wrap but put a protective layer over it first. In some cases, bubble wrap may stick to paintings and damage them.  

It's important not to store artwork flat on the floor but to store it vertically. If you store pictures or paintings horizontally on the floor, they may pick up moisture and, if anything falls on them, they may get damaged.

If you're storing a few pieces of art, it may be useful to invest in an art rack. These racks are designed to hold paintings and pictures safely in position, reducing the chances that they'll accidentally damage each other. Alternatively, use a picture box or make sure to put something between each piece of artwork to protect it such as a piece of cardboard or sheet of glass.

Tip: If you can't find a suitable self storage site for your artwork or want a managed solution for valuable pieces, look for companies that offer specialised fine art storage.


4 March 2016

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