Why You Should Not Install Residential Mailboxes on a Commercial Property


People who are constructing their first commercial property may think that the mailboxes that they see on residential properties can also be installed on commercial properties. This may be a mistake because commercial mailboxes differ from residential mailboxes in several ways. This article discusses some of those differences. Use this information to guide you when you are selecting mailboxes to install on your commercial building.

Variety of Mounting Styles 

Residential mailboxes usually have fewer mounting options when compared to commercial mailboxes. This is because residential mailboxes are easier to install due to the limited site challenges. For instance, residential mailboxes may be easily mounted on a post driven into the kerb. Space constraints may make it impossible to do the same with commercial buildings because the space outside the building may have other features, such as street lampposts. Consequently, commercial mailboxes can be installed in different ways, such as in an indoor mail enclosure. The different mounting options allow facility managers to pick the best style that will serve the interests of the large number of tenants in the building.

Presence of Parcel Lockers

Commercial mailboxes also differ from their residential counterparts because the commercial version usually has a parcel locker inside it. That locker helps to safeguard valuables so that only the owner of that specific box can access the content of the parcel. The use of residential mailboxes in commercial premises would pose a security risk to valuable parcels delivered to a location that is frequented by many tenants and visitors.

Superior Construction

Commercial mailboxes are expected to serve a variety of users for a long time. Consequently, great care is taken to use the most superior materials, such as heavy-duty aluminium or steel. Great care is also taken to ensure that the mailboxes will be tamper-proof and vandal-proof. This attention to detail when fabricating the mailboxes may help owners of commercial buildings to avoid the expense of replacing the mailboxes frequently. It would therefore be unwise to install residential mailboxes that may not have been subjected to the stringent manufacturing standards that are commensurate with the heavy use or security demands of commercial buildings.

As you can see from the discussion above, commercial mailboxes have been designed to meet the challenges of being used in a large busy environment. Ask a storage professional for help in identifying the best commercial mailboxes in case you are unable to tell the difference in quality when you go shopping for them.


19 May 2016

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