What Can Hinder the Proper Functioning of Your Cool Room?


Strict engineering and design standards are adhered to when installing cool rooms to make sure that they function at their best. The installation process requires high quality electrical and mechanical designing to make sure that there is a uniform, low temperature in the chamber every time it is sealed. In spite of all the attention to engineering details, mechanical malfunctions can still occur. If you have just installed a cool room for your business, here are a few things that may hinder the proper functioning of your cool room: 

Failure of the Refrigeration Unit

The cooling unit in your cool room relies on a complex interconnection of electric circuits, circuit breakers and other mechanical components such as compressors. Chemical subsystems are also employed to stabilise temperatures and protect the components of the cooling unit in the cold conditions. Due to the low temperatures, build-up of ice is a common problem that often leads to an imbalance in the transfer of heat within the cool room. This means that you cannot achieve uniform cold temperatures in the cool room, which could easily make your products go bad. With time, the build-up of ice affects the coils in the evaporator, breaking down the refrigeration unit. You need to clear out the ice by switching off the refrigeration unit so that the ice can melt, cleaning the areas where there was a build-up and resetting the temperature switches to resume normal operating temperatures for the cool room.  

Electrical Wiring Problems

Problems with the electrical cabling and power supply can hinder the proper functioning of your cool room. For instance, power surges can lead to slow cooling rates in the compressor, causing the temperature to rise in the cool room. Look out for tripped circuit breakers that could be interfering with the power supply or blown fuses that need to be replaced. If the power problems persist even after resetting circuit breakers, then you should call in a professional. Moreover, always inspect the electrical cabling for damaged cabling coats that could lead to a short circuit and eventual damage to other components.

Poor Ventilation and Arrangement of the Cool Room

Ventilation channels and evaporators are installed strategically to optimise the cooling ability of the rooms. Interfering with the ventilation channels of the cool room could lead to significant energy losses. Maximise the space on the floor of the cool room and do not stack shelves up to the roof. Design your storage shelves in a way that they do not interrupt airflow, leaving the cool room with more open aerial space for more efficient cooling.  


12 July 2016

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