Ways in Which Commercial Storage Can Be Beneficial To Your Business


Running a business in the current competitive market requires your business to optimize on every operational aspect. Documents and records have a propensity of creating a lot of clutter, especially as your business keeps growing. As such, it would be in your best interests to seek out commercial storage solutions to ensure that the records you are keeping are not weighing down your business. Here are some of the ways in which commercial storage can be beneficial to your business.

8 February 2016

The Four Rules of Storing Your Comic Books


If you have some comic books that are going into storage, there are certain things you need to do to keep them protected and in good condition. If you fail to keep out moisture and air, or pests get a hold of them, they could be ruined and no longer be valuable. Here are some important rules to follow when storing comic books. Support the Books During Storage One of the most important things to do when storing comic books is to provide each book with an adequate amount of support.

27 January 2016

Tips to make Full Use of your Storage Shed Space


As a big outdoor space dedicated to all things you need but have no space in the main house for, many storage sheds grow to resemble bomb sites: everything is sitting on everything and nothing can be found. If you want more for your shed, however, use your spring cleaning day this year to delve headfirst into the rubble and create a space you'll be proud to call your own. 

25 January 2016

How to Move Without Bringing Pests With You


When you are planning on moving house, you don't want to bring any unwelcome guests with you. Unfortunately, spiders, cockroaches, and bed bugs are more than willing to make the trip. To avoid this, here are some ways to keep pests away from the new home from the very beginning. Clean the New Property Start by inspecting and cleaning the new property before you even move in. If you are moving to a self-storage unit, you should be able to get access to your unit at any time.

19 January 2016

Putting Your Excess Books into Storage: How to Keep Them Nice and Safe


True bookworms can face a certain problem. Once your shelves are full, you probably begin to place your books on other convenient surfaces. Tables and cabinets are pressed into service and quickly become covered in books. Perhaps you even have a number of perilously tall stacks of books leaning against a wall. There's a true pleasure in being surrounded by your beloved books, but this is not always a practical way to live.

30 December 2015

4 Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture


If you have some old furniture that you need to get rid of, you have a few different options. Your budget, time constraints and quality of the furniture can help you determine which of these options will work best for you. Here are four different ways to get rid of your old furniture. Donate to Charities Furniture that is still in relatively good condition can be donated to a charity or someone in need.

29 December 2015