Keeping Your Car at a Self Storage Facility: Things to Consider


If you should need to put your car into storage for a while, a self storage unit is a logical choice. After all, self storage units look just like a group of garages! Most facilities have specific space set aside for the storage of vehicles, but you need to ensure that you choose the best option for the safety of your car. The lowest self storage prices for a car might not be the best way to go, particularly if you plan to store your car for an extended period of time.

20 July 2016

What Can Hinder the Proper Functioning of Your Cool Room?


Strict engineering and design standards are adhered to when installing cool rooms to make sure that they function at their best. The installation process requires high quality electrical and mechanical designing to make sure that there is a uniform, low temperature in the chamber every time it is sealed. In spite of all the attention to engineering details, mechanical malfunctions can still occur. If you have just installed a cool room for your business, here are a few things that may hinder the proper functioning of your cool room: 

12 July 2016

Self Storage: 3 Things to Consider When Storing Furniture


If you are downsizing, you might not have enough space in your new home for all your furniture. Using a self storage unit is often the best option when it comes to storing wardrobes, sofas and mattresses. However, if you want to keep your furniture in good condition, you can't just throw furniture into a storage unit and hope for the best. It is important that you take the action to keep your furniture from becoming damaged.

22 June 2016

Why You Should Not Install Residential Mailboxes on a Commercial Property


People who are constructing their first commercial property may think that the mailboxes that they see on residential properties can also be installed on commercial properties. This may be a mistake because commercial mailboxes differ from residential mailboxes in several ways. This article discusses some of those differences. Use this information to guide you when you are selecting mailboxes to install on your commercial building. Variety of Mounting Styles  Residential mailboxes usually have fewer mounting options when compared to commercial mailboxes.

19 May 2016

Is It Safe to Store Artwork in Self Storage?


If you own paintings or pictures that are of value to you, either because they are worth money or have a sentimental value, you may be worried about putting them in a self storage unit. Typically, this shouldn't be a problem; however, you should investigate your options carefully first and prepare your artwork before storing it to minimise the chances of damage. Look For Climate Control If you're storing artwork, it's important to choose a self storage company that has climate control in its units.

4 March 2016

Ways in Which Commercial Storage Can Be Beneficial To Your Business


Running a business in the current competitive market requires your business to optimize on every operational aspect. Documents and records have a propensity of creating a lot of clutter, especially as your business keeps growing. As such, it would be in your best interests to seek out commercial storage solutions to ensure that the records you are keeping are not weighing down your business. Here are some of the ways in which commercial storage can be beneficial to your business.

8 February 2016

The Four Rules of Storing Your Comic Books


If you have some comic books that are going into storage, there are certain things you need to do to keep them protected and in good condition. If you fail to keep out moisture and air, or pests get a hold of them, they could be ruined and no longer be valuable. Here are some important rules to follow when storing comic books. Support the Books During Storage One of the most important things to do when storing comic books is to provide each book with an adequate amount of support.

27 January 2016